Pure hearts color night skies...

Can I use your site's code?
Yeah, why not. Don't just full-on copy my site though, or I will fucking kill you.

Can I use your site's custom assets?

How'd you find Neocities?
Don't fully remember, but I think it was through an incorrect quotes generator.

Wanna be friends?
Good fucking question. My social skills are awful, so expect some struggles. I'm distant, awkward, and very unsociable. If that doesn't deter you, feel free to email me or add me on Discord, I guess.

Wanna be affiliates?
Maybe. If you think my site's cool, and I think your site's cool, just maybe. Do know that I will close requests eventually.

Where did your name come from?
It's a small reference to the Velvet Room from the Persona series, to go with this site's light Persona 3 theme. It's also a fun corruption of an older nickname I used to have, one I hate.

Where did your URL name come from?
It's an embarrassing username I used back when I first made this site. I hate it. So much.

What are your pronouns?
Take a guess, sweetie- ♡

What's your favorite song?
Aurora by Slow Crush. It's an atmospheric, melancholic shoegaze ballad. It's chorus is also the site's tagline.

What's 9 plus 10?

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