I post blogs, sometimes. Have fun reading them. Or don't, I don't mind.

12:40 AM, 6/2/2023]

hahahah 'next week update' my ass. finally got it out, lets fuckin go!!! new site update yeah. heavy rehaul, all that cool shit. some pages are still unfinished, but most arent, and thats good enough for me. glad to finally have this site somewhat good-looking. fuck im tired. my work isnt even really over yet lol. oh well

8:47 PM, 6/1/2023]

finally hit summer woohoo!!! technically its still spring but who fucking cares. anyways, writing this while working on a huge site update, should be out like a week after i finish this blog lol. work before this has been slow, but im actually having a ton of funny doing this, and making the site look presentable for once. idk its kinda therapeutic i guess??? my life isnt too different from usual rn but i dont wanna get into it since this is a more positive blog. work on the site is going smoothly and i cant wait to finally get this shit over with lol

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