.Welcome to Velvet Blue.

This is my little corner of the web, where I post things, probably.
I'm Blue, a shut-in weeb with no talent, and I run this site. This place is very much a work in progress, but look around anyway if you want.

Update Log
⚬ huge site update, everything is cooler (6/2/2023)
⚬ new blog, fuck im tired (5/7/2023)
⚬ reformatted the about page (4/27/2023)
⚬ began minor site rehaul (4/14/2023)
⚬ reformatted the blogs page (4/4/2023)
⚬ added a some new links and a new blog (3/21/2023)
⚬ updated the site background (3/14/2023)
⚬ updated site font (3/13/2023)


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